Connection PR Services

Public Relations      

When a business or organization needs public support for its product, issue, or program, a solid public relations plan is imperative. It is the basis for building awareness, trust, and ultimately support or sales. At The Connection Public Relations, the relationship begins with a conversation about your goals. Then a customized plan is crafted, using traditional and social media, community outreach, and the right-fit marketing tools.

Media Relations

There’s no publicity more valuable than media attention to your brand or cause because it’s genuinely newsworthy. That’s known as earned media. Angie Francalancia  built The Connection Public Relations on a foundation of nearly 3 decades of newsroom experience, deciding each day what stories would make news. The Connection Public Relations identifies its clients’ stories and tells them in ways designed to grab a journalist’s interest. 

Social Media

Today’s media landscape offers numerous tools that you control to deliver a powerful message directly to your audience. We help you make the best use of your own media – websites, social media, e-newsletters and blogs – to have a direct, personal conversation with the people you need to reach.

Marketing Strategy

The Connection Public Relations begins every relationship with a conversation about the client’s marketing goals. How do you reach people now? Who do you need to reach? What does your web presence look like? Does your brand convey the look and feel you desire?  Once we know the answers, we create a customized plan with clear action steps to achieve the goals. In addition to public relations, we consider all marketing avenues, including advertising, sponsorships, partnerships with right-fit organizations, social media, and special events.

Special Events

Special events can be a valuable and integral part of a well-orchestrated public relations plan. An event can bring in customers, honor donors or volunteers, introduce a new product, and create a conversation.

A well-executed special event requires a keen attention to detail to maximize its value and achieve its desired results. The Connection Public Relations works from conception to clean-up to ensure an event’s success. It’s your spotlight. We’ll make sure it’s focused well.

Governmental Affairs

When you need to navigate through the sometimes sticky and often unclear process of government regulations, it’s worthwhile to have advocates on your team who know the system. Our background as journalists means we know the right questions to ask and the right resources to tap to deliver results.

Crisis Communications

Lawsuits, vehicle accidents, employee theft, false accusations – a crisis can strike from many directions. It can be unsettling to have media asking questions and social media speculating about what happened. How you handle it can mean the difference between sympathy and scorn.  We bring a journalist’s perspective to the situation and prepare you for what’s likely to come. Ideally, the time to build a crisis communication plan is before a crisis strikes.
The Connection Public Relations has extensive experience in reputation building and can design a plan to guide you through and mitigate damage.


Writing & Editing   

Since man first left his mark on the walls of caves, humans have been using written language to communicate. While the platform has evolved though time from stone walls to papyrus to printed type and digital screens, the message still begins with writing. Bottom line – your message matters. We make sure it’s written well.

Photography/Videography/Graphic Design        

Working together with an excellent team of highly knowledgeable, creative and trusted colleagues, The Connection Public Relations provides all the tools for your business or organization’s complete marketing and outreach plan. Just as your marketing strategy needs to fit your goals, so does your photography and graphic design. Whether the campaign calls for news-focused photos, bold graphics, or luxury design, we bring in the right team to execute each piece.

the Power of the Written Word


Even when this guy changed his name to a symbol, the media still resorted to words 

“The artist formerly

 known as Prince"

Bottom line – your message matters. Make sure it’s written well.